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Apr 26, 2013


I have removed Adfly COMPLETELY from the website, so hopefully there are no more issues.

All the files in the download section are MD5 checked, and i will be posting those soon to allow others to verify they have the correct file.

As always be prudent and always keep an updated antivirus enabled and regularly run a manual scan as part of your regular PC maintenance.

As i had no feedback regarding this issue....from anybody, i ask someone, please keep me informed when things like this occur? problems could have been avoided. My contact email has ALWAYS been available from the 'about' section on the installer website. Please use it.



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Apr 25, 2013

Hi All.

As TB has stated the installer website may have some issues with possible spyware/trojans.

I have yet to see this myself, but it is best to err on the side of caution.

Rest assured my website is being re-written without the links. And hopefully very soon will be hosted entirely from my servers. (as opposed to dropbox and the other free file hosts.)

Thanks TB for bringing this to my attention. Hope no-one has had too much trouble.
I am a IT tech by trade, and cannot understand how a trojan can attach to a .PAK file, unless a subversive 'double link' is being used by the host or the user was tricked into a clicking a subversive link. I am currently investigating.

Suffice to say i agree with TB that all the ad services are a pain. But as i enjoy contributing to the SS community i currently cannot afford to host it privately, and i do not accept donations as this is my hobby.
I will endeavor to get the site running on a private server ASAP. As i have other uses for a dedicated server in the works and it wont take much to make room for SS on there somewhere.

I have been busy with work, sorry Grimwald, i wasnt ignoring you!
I'm itching for some more Zone, so i will be back again soon



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