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STALKERSOUP BETA - Dec 17, 2015 Micropatch

All users should update.
New game NOT required.
New repair kit and parts salvager.
Many fixes and improvements.
More content added to Collector Freeplay.

Available in the Download section.

Jan 05, 2016


Hi all. The STALKERSOUP Steam forum has been having issues the last few weeks.
In the meantime, you can try the GSC STALKERSOUP Forum

Happy new year to all, and i hope 2016 will be a big year for STALKERSOUP.
The website will be updated in the next few weeks to include more content and update things like Version History and the News Archive.


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July 12, 2015


So far things look pretty good, not much coming in except good feedback so I guess I am ready to work on the shell program a bit so that you will be able to launch DX9 or DX11 without the need to make settings. I also intend to have all the modders script and shader settings in it at some point. The shell will also be the network interface for my 'Live-Link' PDA for coop, multiplayer and social media access.

Other things I will be working on:
Clear the Car park bandits not spawning (restrictor issue).
Eliminate bandits in Wild Territory (respawn issue).
Several exploits.
Continuation of 'AX' and the soul cube story..

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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July 11, 2015


Tonight's patch (much later tonight) will have:
Several more quest fixes/tweaks.
Portals in the blind basements in the Old Research Station.
More content in Generators, Warlab, Tunnels after ZEP and Gold Bars are done.
DX11 fully integrated into the DX9 shaders to eliminate the need for separate gamedata folders.

Let me also update you on the status of the level ups:
0 = SOC and NS and are approx. 98% done.
1 = Collector start and is approx. 95% done.
2 = The Storm and is approx. 50% done.
3 = The Storm ends and reclamation by the major factions begins and this is only 10% done at most.

4 through 10 are DLCs and can be docked and undocked allowing you to reuse the same save.

For release of 1.1 I need level up 0 through 3 to all be at least 98% done and the DLC interface completed.

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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July 10, 2015

The Storm


Thought that I would have time to continue the story before you guys got this far!

Collector does introduce several portals and more will appear as I wrap up that part of the story line. I have the Soul Cube portion to complete which has some neat stuff in F1 as well as the completion of Snitch and the Northern Bar.

I would love to have your saves at this point so I can analyze the state of your saves and it will allow me to continue content without getting there myself.

Portals will appear in many places as the Collector progresses and they are there for a reason.

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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