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Apr 20, 2015


So far I only have four error submissions that I have fixed:
Dan mutant parts.
math_fmod ctd.
NPP dyn spawn ctd.
transferred item count.

I will be looking at the repair box issue next.

I have verified that the load out system is working properly so if you have unarmed npc running around then:

Might be wrong installation order.
Old bare gamedata folder.
Third party load outs which are not using the same structure.

Also note that they only get the load out the first time they spawn so there is a chance that they already received a bad one.

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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Apr 18, 2015


So now that 109984 is out and the gameplay folder is now 100% localized and cleaned up we start on the remaining script files needing it.

This is only a few and mostly unimportant stuff like the offline news (off by default) and some system messages.

While I give you all a chance to test 109984 (really need new game starts!) and send in your issues and feedback I will be working on the weapons which are targeted to be in 109990. The shotgun issue (all shot type weapons) have a unique problem as the engine takes into account each pellet but at the full ammo impact and penetration values. This means that getting hit with buck shot means six times the hit value instead of six times one sixth the hit value. Shrapnel has the same limitation and that is why it was weakened to stop killing the player through walls. I intend to expand the engine's ballistics model after migration to 64 bit so I have to come up with an interim solution as that is a ways off.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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STALKERSOUP BETA - Apr 17, 2015 Micropatch

TecnoBacon has released the latest MicroPatch

New game NOT required.
All users should update.
Gameplay folder 100% localized.
Several fixes.
More level 2 content.

Available in the Download section.

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Apr 17, 2015


I fixed the radio station message and the issues prior to that but some are hard to determine what to fix or where to fix it.

I could use a little help on those parts like ghost in npp by getting information about what's wrong and what the workaround is. I cannot play up to these areas and test them all so autosaves and good descriptions now will help speed up fixing them.

Tomorrow I will post 109984 with several fixes that will get all players going again, including stash 11..

There is more dialog with the barman during the storm and the storm now has been completed up to level 3 and recedes properly.
I do have a problem with some populations that still have not been redesigned to understand that they are in a storm level. I should have the rest of them identified and fixed for 109985 or 90 whichever comes first.

This patch will be very solid and saves are 99 to 100% now and always reusable. Nothing has changed in the startup areas so 83 saves for sure should be 100% although you need to use saves prior to stash 11 to make 12 work properly.

Thanks again all you testing and sending me issues/saves to work on, I cannot do it without your help!
-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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Apr 15, 2015


Thanks to all the well wishers and I did get a little cheeki, should put that back in somewhere..

There will be a patch Friday with some very important things done:
Anomalies are back under control and the random ones are now dynamic in nature and will be regenerated on every level change. This does not affect those that are part of the level such as the underpass in cordon.
Turns out that any time you remove a box quantity item from an npc inventory the engine will still try to remove it if the npc drops a weapon that uses it. This wipes out the entire npc inventory. I have created a new loot system that tracks the box type ammo and properly waits until there are no more rounds or the box size has been met. The only ammo that has a problem with this is the buck type for some reason so I randomly put some back if the victim is a bandit.
The visual errors that popped back in were due to the character description files of already spawned characters (all spawns in the all.spawn) were changed. When the character spawns for the first time within the game his description from the all.sav (base of all saves thereafter) does not match which occurs right after the visual is read from the description. Not caused by suits or models at all.

I have tweaked the bandit loadouts so that they make more sense and use better held weapons. Some handguns are still chosen over their main weapon but soon they have to switch as they have more ammo for the main one. I did mention that they run out now instead of having unlimited ammo? That is why they started running away from you all the time. now I give them a load of the main ammo to fight with, remove it on death except for a limited amount as set in the looting options.
Many issues were introduced these last two patches due to the localization project as well as a couple from new content. These have been fixed and 109984 will have all gameplay files 100% localized!
I am preparing some new tools which will be part of the new downloads coming soon, all in installer form. The auto-downloader/updater is in the works but will not be activated until 1.1 which is not too far off now.
Of course as always.. it's up to you, STALKERS, to explore and challenge the mod and help it become the mega-mod of mods!

Thanks to all those testing these final BETA stages!

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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Apr 13, 2015

TecnoBacon 6.0

TecnoBacon is 6.0 today! Never thought I would ever make it this far!

For sure I never thought I would be doing something like STALKERSOUP (Thought I would never stop being an Executive actually)..

I love what I am doing and even though I have aggravating issues with the mod still it is starting to become what I wanted it to.

I am disappointed that 1.1 did not happen today but if it's not ready.. it's not ready. I am working on many things now to finish them up like:
Character descriptions that need to be 100% localized (only a handful left).
Inventories of some characters that are still in their descriptions and not in the includes.
Completion of the new ammo looting and loadout systems.

Many submitted issues have been caused by the above and are now solved because of the work done.

I am also adding more dialog improvement and expanding the Collector journal entries so the guides are becoming less needed.

I will be finishing up the new weapon balancing system soon which will also move us up to 109990 and the last stage of the NS BETA.

The next few patches before then are crucial in the feedback process as what you say about them will pretty much finalize NS and the start of Collector.

Have to go enjoy my day so.. enjoy the Zone!

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Apr 6, 2015

The Storm

The storm and the suit have a purpose that is yet to be completed in the progression of the game to the end of level 3. Hopefully I will have it done this week as last week I was on vacation..

Once I fix and improve those issues that have been submitted about the last portions of NS the mod will be ready for release from beta. What this means is that I am satisfied with the state of level-up 0 (SOC and NS) and level-up 1 (Collector). There will still be a few issues that will be worked on but I don't feel that they should stop from being ready to ship. That also means that those who are FSS members and are expecting USBs, T-Shirts or both should send me an update email so that I have your call sign and most recent mailing address.

This also prompts me again to thank those who have donated (some very generously) as that is what has kept it going and got us to this point. THANKS from all of us!

I also want to report that progress on the engine has been promising and should be rebuilt in a couple of months.

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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