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Mar 26, 2015

TecnoBacon has some exciting development news!


Working on many of the small irritations now..

I changed the repair kit so that after you use it, it will automatically go back to your inventory instead of dropping on the ground and ending up somewhere you can't reach like behind walls.

I studied the engine and determined that the visual crash only happens when you try to change visuals on certain suits that cannot be attached to older version 5 models and has nothing to do with the engine itself.

I have also determined that the memory crash after playing awhile is the transient script loader which is not releasing scripts that are no longer needed to make room for new ones, fix will be in the 64 bit version to be released this summer.

I now recommend that you do not use texture packs as they are out of date. I, with the help of a few others have improved many textures as well as recalibrated the shaders and details. I recommend that you try the default first and decide. You will need to go to your PDA and send a message to the network to get the shader settings set to the new details: type in 'reset all'.
what this does is to set the environment to match my shaders and detail depth.

Remember too that you can change the color temperature in shadersettings.txt, default is neutral (natural) color but you can also choose dim (washed out like DKZ) or bright which is more like LA although not so ridiculously high.

I examined the OGSE version of the engine (ver 0664 rus) to see what they may have fixed and found that it is the same as my build with just some dll hooks changed, big whoop..

Sure would be nice if they or others would work together in one consortium to improve the engine but so far I have found doors to be shut tightly, to bad..

If the Friends of SS can raise a few more bucks then work will start on the 64bit engine with a special social media shell that will allow players to 'LINK' into their favorite social media app or go into a MMORG covering the WHOLE ZONE.

I have created special characters that I refer to as SurraBOTS, these npc act as normal npc except that they can be occupied by remote players. The idea is to allow the BOT to make decisions in situations where the remote player is idle or offline temporarily, this keeps the action going all the time.

The other thing I do differently is the network communication technique. It involves a constant stream from my server that carries all the action, remote players only send packets to my collector servers which route it to my streamer. Tests are showing lag times of no more than 1/30 a second no matter how many players there are. There is a limit to the number of players in a group though as the engine can only render so many npc at a time.

We are almost at 100% localization! This means that all text will be in one place and a real multi-language game can be created, so far I have: French, Russian (and variations), Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Hungarian translations being worked on.

There are many other things that will be in 109984 which should be out in the next few days.

-TecnoBacon -via STALKERSOUP Steam Forum

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Mar 22, 2015

Attention all STALKERS.....

I am proud to announce the new


We can all share tricks, ideas and help our fellow STALKERs through the zone.
You can easily join the STALKERSOUP Live Chat HERE
Or join IRC @ Freenode #STALKERSOUP



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Mar 21, 2015

STALKERSOUP - Mar 20, 2015 Micropatch

TecnoBacon has released the latest MicroPatch

New game NOT required.
All users should update.
Fixed actor factions.
More quest fixes and tweaks.
Added several more articles and PDA descriptions.
Fixed parent check for artifacts and weapons.
More localization and dialog improvements.
Added and improved icons and some HUD textures (thanks aleks1970).
Added more content to level-up 2.

Available in the Download section.


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Mar 05, 2015


Hi all, it seems some have been having trouble with the installer. This has been fixed and the new V2 installer is now available.
All new downloads are available in the Download section.
If anyone has any other issues please email me at


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Mar 05, 2015

STALKERSOUP Installation Issues

Hi all, it seems some have been having trouble with the installer. This is my fault, as i didn't take into account the 7-Zip dll's on my testbed.
To remedy this, i will be re-uploading a fixed version of the installer, but in the meantime, problems should be temporarily solved by downloading and installing 7-Zip PRIOR to install. 7-Zip can be found HERE

Thank you to Delhorde for identifying this issue


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Mar 03, 2015

STALKERSOUP Installer HAS Returned!

OK STALKERS, everything is ready to go, and the installer is ready for download!
Please keep in mind that the website is still in its growing phases
All files are available in the Download until the next update, enjoy!

Good Hunting S.T.A.L.K.E.R.....


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