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What is the Installer?




This is an easy installer for TecnoBacon's STALKERSOUP BETA that has let me share the SS experience with a few friends
and others that really love S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but are not very tech-savvy!
As new patches are released i plan to create a separate 'UPDATE Install Package' that i will post on this site.
My hope is this will make it easier for less advanced users to experience and test STALKERSOUP without some of the hassle.
Details and Features listed below. I hope you enjoy STALKERSOUP BETA.


-'MAIN Install Package' contains all the required files and patches for a standard base install of STALKERSOUP
-Ultra compressed to less than 7.3GB.
-Installs 'bare gamedata'. (Required)
-Installs 'beta bin folder'. (Recommended)
-Includes the new experimental DX11 renderer and whcih can be enabled/disabled from the STALKERSOUP 'Start menu' Shortcut.
-Updates to the DX11 renderer will be included in each new game patch. (or earlier if necessary)
-Includes all SS default modding options available (GOD mode etc) (Optional)
-Includes 'FOV (Field Of View) changer'. (Recommended)
-Documentation provided, including 'New SS Guide' and 'NS Guide Nov 11 2010'. (Recommended)
-Start menu/desktop shortcuts. (with -noprefetch parameter) (Recommended)
-Installer includes latest DirectX And Visual C 2013 (Optional)
-STALKERSOUP update checker: make sure you are using the latest patch of STALKERSOUP!
-STALKERSOUP updates will be a simple self-installing setup file available from this website.
-STALKERSOUP updates will reset any custom 'gamedata', modding options and manual script changes.
-Includes an un-installer to remove STALKERSOUP

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